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Textbooks Are Expensive, But It Could Be Worse

Pensions Are Messed Up, But It Could Be Worse

That said, buying inflation insurance is very expensive, if you can achieve it at all ... More than that, the assumptions that DB pensions could use were far more liberal than what life insurers could use for similar contingencies. read more

Rising mortgage rates could mean even fewer homes for sale this spring

This year, it will be more competitive than ever, with the supply of homes for sale at record lows and rising mortgage rates threatening to make the situation even worse. President's ... Newly built homes are also more expensive than comparable existing ... read more

Silicon Valley Won’t Save Books

But expensive ... that if the book could adapt to our multi-screen age, its cultural retreat would end. This optimistically assumes that the decline is reversible, which it isn’t. Books were overtaken by other media decades ago. The problem isn ... read more

College textbooks are absurdly expensive for no good reason

These increased costs help textbook publishers, along with the university bookstores that sell their products, make a lot of money, but we now live in a world where we could theoretically ... education is unsustainably expensive in this country. read more

Online Courses Are Harming the Students Who Need the Most Help

What could be wrong with ... using the same textbooks, assessments, assignments and lecture materials in each format. Even though the courses are seemingly identical, the students who enroll online do substantially worse. The effects are lasting, with ... read more

Re-Elect Me; It Could Be Worse

They’ll insist that even if you think things are bad now, it could have been a lot worse. This case was laid out by Zachary ... He holds a PhD and has written several books which – trust me on this – nobody outside the far left of the political ... read more

Starbucks Corporation’s Best Days Are Behind It. Here's Why, and What It Means for Investors.

In my time as an investor, I've found that except in rare cases, relying on brand strength as the moat-provider can get dangerous when three things happen: Multiple futures are no longer clear Sales growth begins to slow The stock is expensive Let's break ... read more

It's time to rid ourselves of the textbook-industrial complex

In 2014, 65 percent of surveyed students said that they had decided against buying a textbook simply because it was too expensive. On that same note ... a student attending college from 1973 to 1976 could have worked 306 hours at minimum wage and paid ... read more