Free College Textbooks

Save money with this guide to finding free PDF textbooks online

For years we have been helping students save money by directing them to the cheapest college textbooks with our price comparison service. In recent years we have seen a increase in free and open source textbooks in digital format. Caution, many textbooks are copyrighted and should not be downloaded. We advocate the use of open source textbooks that are 100% legal to download.

Search Books
  • Google PDF Search: Google’s indexing robots do a terrific job of finding PDF textbooks. Search using this format: filetype:pdf “textbook title”
  • Openstax: The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation and other have funded this open textbook project.
  • Digital book index: links to more then 150,000+ digital books from various universities and publishers. Around 100,000+ of these books are available for free.
  • Project Gutenberg: the oldest digital library in the world offers more than 43,000 e-books, completely gratis.
  • University of Pennsylvania: a mini-site which links to free textbooks available on the internet. It has over 1 million free eBooks. They keep updating the list regularly.
  • Reddit Tracker: Tracker for PDF and eBook of college textbooks and free sources.
  • Flat world knowledge: offers free and open college textbooks. They have textbooks from well-known authors and scholars in their catalogue. These textbooks can be read online using their easy to use online reader.
  • Book Boon: website specifically for finding pdf versions of textbooks, a lot of free college textbooks in PDF format.
  • IvyPanda: 1,000+ Open Textbooks and Learning Resources for All Subjects.
  • ZLibrary: The world’s largest ebook library.
  • Open Culture: 200 Free Textbooks: A Meta Collection.
  • Textbook Revolution: A student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors.
  • Community College Consortium: Find open and free textbooks that may be suitable for use in community college courses.

Other Links and Textbook Tips: