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Sell college textbooks at auction or use textbook buybacks, make the best choice.

One way to keep your total text book costs low is to get the most for your used textbooks at the end of the course. Buyback sites are one choice but college textbook buybacks are only a percent of market value but textbook sell back or textbook buybacks are faster than selling textbooks at auction sites. If you sell used textbooks yourself you may get full market value.
Cheap-textbooks brings our used textbook selling tool to as many students as we can to ensure that you get the best market value for your used college textbooks. Sell textbooks online yourself or use textbook buybacks. Whether you’re looking to sell textbooks online or buy them, here are top sites for both outlets.

Textbook price finder quickly reveals used textbook market value in real-time.

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Sell Used College Textbooks Yourself - Fixed Price and Auctions

Auction @ eBay  - Sell with the granddaddy of auction sites.  They move thousands of new and used textbooks at auction and with instant purchase from "Buy it now"..

Sell your textbooks on Amazon.com - The Amazon college textbook marketplace allows students to use the size and exposure of Amazon to sell their used textbooks themselves.

StudentListing - A site dedicated to the buying and selling of used college textbooks directly by students.

College Textbook Buyback

eCampus will buy your textbooks - eCampus.com will buy your used textbooks. Get a  free online quote and free shipping!

SellTextbooks4More.com - It's quick and easy to sell. Just enter the ISBN's of your books and print your packing slip and postage label and you'll be just a few days from getting bucks for your books.

Booksvalue.com -  BooksValue will buy your used college books from both
students and faculty.

SellMyTextbooks.org - Do you have a textbook you no longer need? Looking to make cash on that textbook? Don't want to mail your book away somewhere and wait for your Cash?


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