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Where to legally buy International Edition Textbooks.

An International Edition Textbook is simply the international counterpart to a US Edition. It may have a different or paper cover but the International edition textbooks have the same pagination and contents as the US Edition. According to the NYTimes & Time it IS legal to buy International Edition Textbooks and a recent Supreme Court Decision agrees. Most importantly, the price of International Edition Textbooks are significantly cheaper! Visit each book sellers site for more information and if they will buy back your International Textbook.

Important: International editions of textbooks may have different ISBNs. You should search for international textbooks by title and author as well as ISBN.

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Cheap International Edition Textbooks - The secret saving money is to comparison shop using up-to-the-second information. Cheap Textbooks reveals prices and availability, real-time of international textbooks.

Know a great site I missed? Drop me a . See our buying textbooks tips! We hope you found the information on cheaper textbooks useful and we saved you a lot of cash. We can offer the site as a free resource because it is 100% advertiser supported. Your support of merchants on this site by purchasing textbooks using a link on this site is appreciated. I started this site to find the cheapest textbooks and hope you will find it of value. Please pass the word

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