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7-26-2015 Article - Simple Guide to "Buying" College Textbooks

8-11-2014 PR - Cheap Textbooks Lauches Kickstarter Campaign

6-19-2013 PR - The Semester Over: Sell Your Textbooks NOW!

3-20-2013 PR - Cheap Textbook Locator for Android

9-19-2011 PR - Buy Books Cheaper, a book buying service for all types of books

8-29-2011 PR - Students Embrace Textbook Rentals at Record Rates in 2011

5-25-2011 PR - Print Yourself Coupons Help Students to Save a Considerable Amount of Money Every Month

5-11-2011 PR - College Students Use Automation to Sell Textbooks for Maximum Dollars

4-27-2011 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Launches Specialty Site for eTextbooks Price Comparisons

3-22-2011 PR - Android Textbook Shopping and Rental Application Passes 10,000 Downloads

3-17-2011 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Releases iPhone/iPad textbook price comparison web app

101 Best Android Apps - Cheap textbooks price search

11-30-2010 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Releases Android Textbook Shopping and Rental Application

10-18-2010 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Doubles Textbook Rental Price Comparison Service

8-15-2010 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com launches a Textbook Rental Price Comparison site

8-2-2010 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Reports a 300% Increase in Student use of Textbook Price Comparison Services

7-22-2010 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Announces Expanded Textbook Price Comparison With More Rental And Used Textbook Sources

9-07-2009 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Adds Textbook Buyback Price Quote Service

6-15-2009 PR - Cheap-Textbooks.com Adds More Textbook Sites To Its’ Price Comparison Service.

Experiance.com - The dreaded textbook purchase




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